Thursday, 2 August 2007

Malton Field School

I am now back from 3 weeks at the Malton / Langton field school. I only took a few pics of the Roman Fortress because I was usually far too hard at work (yeah right) or laughing at a wise crack from Tim or Tim:

Tim Web pretending he knows how to use the total station

Tim still pretending he knows how to use the total station.

Having convinced himself what to do, Tim now instructs Katy (BTW a rare picture of her without a games console in her hands)
From left to right: Laura, Mat, Katy and Anne. This was the hut we used to drink tea and eat our nasty self-prepared sandwiches. It was in an estate yard right next to the field we were working in.

Top: Tim Horsley - our Geophysics Guru squating in the filth in the corner of our lunch hut with his beloved lap top.

Bottom: Tim H and Laura setting out a Geophysics grid as a precursor to a spot of Resistivity measuring. You can't see Tim's bull whip - but trust me, its there somewhere.

  • Complete Geo-physical survey of Orchard field and the walled garden. The latter had never been surveyed before. Results are pending but provisionally the magnetometry and Resistivity from the site look really good.

  • We successfully ran a 1 week field school for over 30 kids from Rydale Gifted and Talented Program

  • Enhanced my knowledge of Geophysical surveying, Field school management & planning
  1. Met some really interesting people. Bone and the two Tims were great fun as were all the undergrads - Katy, Mat, Laura & Anne

  2. Some great evening talks organised by Bone

  3. The field trips were great and I learnt a lot from them (can't get the thought of elephants and lions roaming around Yorkshire out of my head)

  4. Bone (Dr Andrew Jones) in full cry during a field trip. The team are suitably gripped...

  5. Survived the archaeology training sessions with the kids..............just!
  6. Survived the accomodation at Langton School..............just!

I'm looking forward to seeing the Geophysics results from Tim H. and I am looking forward to going back and doing some more next year.

Many thanks to everyone who was there, for making the 3 weeks so enjoyable.

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