Thursday, 22 March 2007

Fame and Glory - the media decend on me again...

'Extra Extra Read all about it - Greg digs at West Halton'

Rumours hit Fleet Street (well Scunthorpe) that I was appearing live at West Halton, and so the paparazzi swooped. It was actually the reporter from the Scunthorpe Telegraph, but I'm not proud.

As you can see (if you look very carefully) I appear in all the excavation pictures except one (not sure how I missed that one). Clearly the media were captivated by my charisma and my trowel action.

Interviews, autographs, film contracts ... are just some of the things I would have been prepared to agree to. But the chap from the Scunthorpe Telegraph was called away to an important item on a giant marrow and so couldn't spare the time.

Even so, when we picked up our copies of the paper, I don't think the others were too impressed to see that I was clearly the most photogenic person on the dig.

Young people today - they just don't look smart enough do they?

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